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Top 10 Shopping Destinations in the World

The globe trotters who are always on the go also have an inclination to shop for the best and the most popular stuff in that place, wherever they go. Here is a list of the top 10 shopping destinations across the world that you need to add to your bucket list if you are a shopaholic:

New York

1. Top on the list would definitely be New York. This place is so dense and intense with multitude options that fit into a range of budgets. One can just pamper themselves sipping cocktails and exploring Bergdorf Goodman or Barneys and sincerely hope the day wouldn’t come to an end and it would be time for you to leave.


2. Dubai is a close second to New York. In fact the entire mall experience has been redefined here in the UAE. Touted as the first shopping resort of the world, Dubai is THE place to visit during the Dubai festival season. The major attraction of this place of course remains the Gold Souk. One would go bedazzled at the volume of gold that is on display. This Gold Souk is a market that has n number of gold jewelry stores which would blind the shoppers with their glitters.

Hong Kong

3. When we look at the heritage of Hong Kong we will learn that it stems from the place being the central point of international trade. This does not come as a surprise when you can find almost virtually anything you have ever dreamt of buying. The place offers the best deals on a range of street labels and also electronics that come in with cutting edge technology.

Bahrain Manama

4. Bahrain: If you are a gold lover and wish to shop for some of the best stuff, then, Manama Souq is the place you got to be in. Right from electronic goods to nuts to spices to a whole range of items, this is the place. The City Centre also houses the best of international brands. In short, the Gold Souq, the Kingdom of Perfumes, the World of Herbs and the Spice Souq…these are a few things that one must add to their bucket list when touring Bahrain.


5. Bangkok: Majority of the visitors to Bangkok come for a relaxed holiday and it is also certain that they will not leave the place without shopping. Right from outdoor markets to designer malls, the place has it all. Your shopping during the holiday can only get more creative when you are in Bangkok.

kuala lumpur

6. Kuala Lumpur: This place is touted as the 6th highly visited shopping destination in the world. This itself is an indication of the wide array of goods that would be available at the place. With ample culture diversity and reasonable prices and amazing variety available in terms of shopping, Kuala Lumpur remains a hot destination.


7. Casablanca: Touted as the commercial capital of Morocco, Casablanca is obviously the biggest city here that has an aura of sophistication around it. There could be endless bargaining about the stuff you can find there or also fixed prices too that save you all the energy that you require to get at the right price.


8. Istanbul: This place should have probably found its place in the top slots in this article for it is considered as a shopper’s paradise. Right from shopping malls to chic boutiques to antique shops, the place has it all. Only, you got to fill your wallets and yourself with energy to shop and drop till the end!

Sharm el Sheikh

9. Sharm el Sheikh: This place promises to be the best for shopping as it brings in together a wide range of outlets that will cater to the shoppers’ requirements. A place that holds a magnetic power for Europeans, the exotic culture, the serenity and the shopping options in the form of markets, local bazaars and modern shopping centers…Sharm el Sheikh is a place not to be missed at all!


10. London: IKEA stores are a must visit when you are in London. And, if you are a clothes lover, you will definitely be spoilt endless for choice. Check out the best time when one could shop to clinch the best of prices!

Shopping can always be fun when you know the right places and the right stores to visit to make your trip even more memorable!

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