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According to a press release by the European Commission dated 7th of April 2017, it was found that the European Consumer Centres receive the most frequent complaints from users of online booking and travel services.[1] In the sweep through over 300 websites, the European Commission and the EU Consumer Protection established that two thirds of those websites had prices that were not reliable and did not respect EU legislations and EU Consumer Law.

The main problems found with those websites were the absence of information about the trader’s identity, the lack of clear ways to submit users’ complaints, and that all optional supplements (such as travel insurance fee and baggage fee) were not suggested on an opt-in basis, making the total price of the booking unclear during the first steps of the booking process.[2]In order to comply with EU legislation and EU Consumer Law, all charges, fees, taxes must be included and appear from the beginning of the booking process.[3]

Here in we make sure to show our offers clearly in the early stages of the booking process, which is indicated in the sentence “All prices are tax included” written in yellow on the homepage of our website. We are taking great measures to ensure consumer satisfaction and maintain our website’s dignity and the integrity of our business by being true to our users through avoiding price manipulation and misleading advertisements.

It is true that we are merely a young online travel and booking service, but we have taken a compelling oath to ourselves and our users to learn from the mistakes of others and make sure we do not replicate them.  Our goal is complete and utter client satisfaction and we have been working relentlessly to achieve our one and ultimate goal.


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