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Your guide to the 5 best places to visit in 2017

It is a new year, a year of new beginnings and new places to add to your bucket list. Traveling is not just about visiting a place, it’s about exploring the culture and enjoying the life that the city holds, So don’t worry we are here for you, we know all the cool places.

Barcelona – The city of Art

If you don’t know, most of Barcelona buildings are built by the amazing architect Antoni Gaudí which means every street and every building has a story that need to be told. One of the basic places that you need to visit in your life is Sagrada Familia, I mean it is breathtaking and you will end up with a new profile picture and we all want that, don’t we?

Istanbul – The city that never sleeps

Anyone comes to Istanbul understands why Istanbul is charming. It is the combination of old and new, history and present. It is amazing how advanced Istanbul has become yet maintained its rich culture. A cup of tea on the Bosphorus is enough to make you fall in love with Istanbul. 

And if you are an animals lover than you will understand why Istanbul is the home of all animals, specially cats.

Venice – The Floating city

Moving to Italy. I mean we all want to visit every city in Italy but what’s so special about Venice? It is the simple fact that it is in water and near water. Venice give you the feeling of calmness and peace which you might need after a long day traveling.

The boat ride is one of Venice highlights and things to do, it can be a bit expensive so meet some new people and take a ride in those canals and enjoy the romantic ride.

Petra – Hidden City

Petra, the heart of Jordan,  one of the new seven wonders of the world. The hidden and the pink city in the mountains. You will have to walk for a while till you get to see the amazing and the beautiful Treasury so make sure to wear a sneaker.

And if you love hiking and good pictures, you can explore the Kubtha trail where you will climb almost 1000 steps which you will regret halfway but keep going just to reach the top and get the perfect shot of The Treasury from above.

Bali – The holy city

If you ever watched the movie Eat, Pray, Love then you will understand why Bali is on our list. The huge rice fields, the beautiful nature and the food are Bali’s spirit. if you are vegetarian or a healthy person which aren’t we all?, the food in Bali is just amazing and you won’t have enough. And to make everything better, it is cheap! So are you excited?

I know, you want to book that ticket NOW! All of the places mentioned are not just any place, they are places that we believe you will enjoy and have a great experience while discovering them. And the most important part that we can recommend is knowing the culture and the people.

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