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5 Most Popular Long Weekend Destinations for Middle Easterners

Long weekends are definitely like a fresh whiff of air as it helps people catch up with one another and also gives them a good reason to get out of their busy schedules and explore the world or places around them. International destinations are the most preferred choice by majority of the people.

Here is a list of top 5 most popular long weekend destinations that will help you bond with your loved ones and spend a whale of a time.


Travel to Dubai For Long Weekend

In case you wish to run away from the madness of a city, then Ghantoot is a place you could head out to. The place has wonderful and exotic bird species. You could also consider a fishing trip. Fossil rock is at just 40 kilometers from Dubai and there is Sharjah too which is a popular destination famous for the quaint elegance it comes along with. Good number of waterfront locations and beaches and most importantly shopping as well as entertainment, makes Sharjah an ideal destination for a long


Travel to Bahrain For Long Weekend

This is a wonderful place you could treat yourself and your loved ones to. Whether you are looking for a special travel or for relaxing and indulging in, Bahrain is the perfect place. You could embark on a city tour or just visit markets, museums, shops or the bars too to have a whale of a time. Take the car to get acquainted with the entire place and you could probably concentrate and enjoy at a specific place later. The place has it all and you will be thoroughly entertained when you are there for a long weekend.


Travel To Casablanca For Long Weekend

This place offers a whole lot of things for the holidayers. Right from fine beaches to the picturesque golden sands, the crystal clear Atlantic Ocean, the place has it all. There are shallow waters here which are indicative of the fact that it is absolutely safe for the kids to get into water play. Morocco cuisine is yet another major draw. For the gourmets and the travel lovers, this place is a perfect blend!


Travel To Istanbul For Long Weekend

In case you are on the lookout for taking an off from the daily hustle and bustle of life and the place, there are quite a number of destinations here that will befit as weekend escapades. There is Abant, Seven Lakes in Northwest Turkey, Cunda Island, Kerpe, Sapanca Lake, and many more. When you do the place with the best of your people, it is definitely going to be amazing fun.


Travel To Bangkok For Long Weekend

Thailand’s capital, Bangkok provides ample variety for people’s entertainment. The place is just right to be in for a short weekend or a long weekend too. If you are a first timer to this place, it would be ideal if you came on a long weekend as you could touch upon all kinds of avenues that are available for entertainment here. Right from the craziest nightlife to the ancient architectural ruins to beautiful beaches, wine tasting tours and thickly canopied forests, and sprawling vineyards…the place offers something for everyone, after all!

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